Why is it important to teach art?

Why is it important to teach art? In learning we retain approximately 20
to 30 percent of what we hear and read, 50 percent of what we hear
and see, 70 percent of what we see, hear and do, and 90 percent of when we
teach the same information. It just makes sense that
art is a really good way to learn. I am offering the following classes and
taking students for mentoring in the Kansas City Area. Please
let me know a good way to promote this.
Sharon Jeffus and the Visual Manna team will offer these classes.
Please email us for detailed information and questions.
Cost is 25 dollars a morning from 9:00 to 12:00. Reserve your place
with 25 dollars to paypal and receive the Art Tea Party book upon
registration. Appropriate for ages 6 through 12
July 18-20
Monday; Narnia Art Tea Party Tuesday; Mad Hatter Tea Party
Wednesday; Jungle Book Tea Party
July 25 -27 Monday: Monet Art Garden Party, Tuesday; Tea Party in the
Rain, Wednesday; Tea By the Sea
Appropriate for ages junior high/high school to adult.
August 1-5 Online art camp. 9:00 to 2:00 250.00 for online camp.
450 for local art camp. All supplies included. All students will
learn techniques in a variety of media and learn how to teach lessons.
August 8-15 (optional week to finish art and get one on one time with
September 5-9 Art Intensive Online and Local
October 17-21 Art Camp at Montauk State Park Room and board are
included for the week. We will do a mural for a local nonprofit with
all intensives. This is a great place for a family outdoor vacation.
When you put 25 dollar deposit; you will receive five ebooks.