What are Characteristics of a Good Art Teacher? Four Qualities

1. A good art teacher wants you to learn something new about art and have fun doing it.  This includes the elements and principles of art, techniques (how tos), and art appreciation.

2. A good art teacher makes you feel comfortable and encouraged practicing self-expression.

3. A good art teacher wants you to explore your hidden talents while gaining a new appreciation of art and the role it plays in the world around you and how it relates to the core subjects.

4. A good art teacher strives to have students that produce work in each class that is unique.  They want you to be able to think for yourself and make decisions and put a work of art together that belongs to you the student.  A good art teacher does not want you to be afraid of failure, but have the tenacity of an inventor.  It is ok to fail, the next attempt may be spectacular.  In other academic core classes, there is usually only one right answer.  But in art the ability to think for yourself can not only prepare you for success in your other classes, but in your future life.

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