Visual Manna Art Competition 2017-2018 Grades K-12

Our country is going through so many difficult storms and situations, so we are offering a competition for students to create images with words to encourage and uplift. Age categories are K-2, 3-8 and 9-12. The two themes to choose from are: 1) “In the Eye of the Storm Jesus is With You,” and 2) “The Lion Protects You and the Lamb Loves You.” Hopefully, posters you create will uplift and encourage others. People have lost so much with the recent storms and fires, and it seems as though the world becomes more frightening all the time. Hopefully these works will impact society for the good. 

Size: Your picture should be 11 ½ by 14 inches or larger. You need to also be able to photograph it and create a digital image, and send the image via email to Students are free to use any media or mixed media including pencil, charcoal, acrylic or watercolor paint, markers, oil or chalk pastels. Students can also create a sculpture depicting the scene that will be judged in a separate category. By entering this competition you are giving Visual Manna the right to utilize and promote your picture, but you will retain copyright of the picture. It will become your intellectual property and we will promote it for you.

High School
First Prize 200 dollars (trip to Kansas City for two)
Second Prize 100 dollars
Third Prize 50 dollars

There will be five honorable mentions.

In the sculpture competition we will offer an 100 dollar first prize and a 50 dollar second prize. We will have five honorable mentions.

In the grades 3-8 category, we will have first, second and third prizes of art kits provided by Rainbow Resources. We will have five honorable mentions.

In the grades K-2 category, Rainbow Resources will be providing wonderful art kits to first, second and third place winners. There will be five honorable mentions.

Students have until January 15, 2018 to complete the picture. Winners will be notified January 25, 2018. First place winner will, along with the monetary prize, receive a trip with a friend to Kansas City to go to the Nelson Art Museum and help do a mural at City Union Mission or the Salvation Army.

You can email me at to receive a free art lesson on composition and design. Or contact us with any further questions.

Master artist Rembrandt did the picture of the storm at sea below. He uses atmospheric perspective and diagonal lines to show movement. Do you see where the light is coming from? Do you think he captures the feeling of a storm at sea? Create a work of art that communicates in words and pictures. Be Bold, Be Original, and Be Excellent!!!


Image may contain: sky and cloud

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