Check Out a Sample From One of Our Lessons for Younger Children

If you are teaching younger children and want to inspire them with fine motor skill activities that include looking at master art work and learning the elements and principles of art, you will love our 20 Power Points Teaching Program for Preschool and Early Elementary [with Skype Session].

Suggested activities in literature, watching an older cartoon on YouTube, looking at animal footage, learning about word families and much more is included in the program. You receive the Ebooks Preschool and Early Elementary Art Basics, Artsy Animals 1,2 & 3 and workbooks, Visual Manna One in Ebook form with unit studies, and Art Basics for Children in Spanish/English. Includes Skype session.

We developed this power point package to help make your lessons fun and easy to present. We take great joy in being able to make it fun for your students and also fun and easy to do for you as a teacher. Great for schools and homeschoolers alike.

View a sample of part of one of our lessons by clicking here, a peek at “Rabbits and Turtles”. Enjoy!

Working with younger students? Try scented markers!

A great idea for younger students is purchasing some scented markers. Mr. Marker is a good brand and is carried here by Rainbow Resources.  These marvelous markers are bold and beautiful in their colors and the smells are fabulous as well.  This can create a wonderful learning opportunity in learning colors, texture, and a variety of fruits, etc…

The idea of showing children an orange and then having them draw an orange and color an orange all the while smelling the scent of an orange makes a memorable learning experience.  Looking at a master work still life such as Fede Galizia’s,  “Maiolica Basket of Fruit” done in 1610, and having children draw the fruit and smell the scent of the fruit at the same time also makes a memorable experience. Have fun!

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Sample Power Point Lesson for Younger Children

Enjoy a sample of our lessons for younger children from our Artsy Animals Series – In the Ozarks here. Power Point lessons are just one of the many ways Visual Manna is here to make teaching art to your children simple for you as a teacher and fun for students AND teachers. We hope you enjoy it!

Please check out our other offerings too!

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