Students Learn To Teach Art to Younger Children

Visual Manna Academy Students will receive several of my teaching power points and upon graduation from the program will be prepared to teach younger students about master artists, elements of art, and will learn how to do a project with them step by step.  Students will be able to teach five group lessons in a series.  You can sign up for online classes anytime.  Visual Manna Academy starts officially in the fall of 2017.


Here are some questions I have been asked about our new Visual Manna Academy art program.  Please contact me if you have any more questions.


1. The cost of the class is $300.00 until June, when the price will go to $400.00.   Students can start at any time and work at their own pace.  The writing course will be the same price.  It will be English Literature and Journalism. 
What might a class look like?

2.  An example is that today I had two students on skype.  One of the students was in a theater performance last week, so she decided to cancel the class for that week and continue this week.  Each class is two hours long.  One hour is looking at power points of art history and elements and principles of art.  One hour we look at techniques and I do a work of art with them step by step.  For each of the ten classes there are two finished works of art due and some sketches.   There is also some minor vocabulary or paperwork, but the focus is creating finished works of art for their portfolio so they can promote themselves as an artist.

3. Cost of the mission trips depends on where the student decides to go.  We will do a couple in the states for as little as $700.00 complete cost.  This would be painting murals for ministries for the homeless people in Kansas City and would include everything for the week, of course, including a trip to the Nelson art museum, and the many artistic things in Kansas City.   Students will also receive my teaching materials so hopefully they can make money teaching art in their own communities when they are finished with the course and I will work with them on this.   The one in Israel for two weeks I was given a quote on as around 2100.00 which could be less depending on numbers.  You can read the itinerary so the cost would cover the whole trip.  Families are always welcome on all the trips.   I am working with some folks from YWAM about a mission trip to Ireland and Scotland right now.  I want to have a variety of choices and am in the process of getting a studio and academy location in Kansas City.  Yes, school holidays would be a time when some mission trips are available.  I will work on a mission trip to France.  I have been praying about great opportunities for students in education and Chris Davis who is arranging the trip to Israel said they can also get a history credit for this trip

How long do students have to complete the course?

4. Students have a year to complete the course.  I realize there are circumstances that occur that sometimes classes might need to be missed.  The important thing is that they complete the assignments for every class. 

How are students evaluated?

5. Every class I go over composition and design principles and we look at master work and discuss why it works.  I look at their work that needs to be scanned and sent to me and give feedback.  Our goal is to come up with at least 20 works of art that are top quality….Be Bold, Be Original and Be Excellent.  We talk about this in every class. 

What does the AP credit requirements look like?

6.  I have written three AP classes and am currently approved to teach them.  I will tell atudents the requirements and we will cover the materials and they will have the necessary portfolio for evaluation

for Studio Art 2D. When they have completed the requirements for the credit, which is covering the amount of work and having the finished work in their portfolio, they will have a test or evaluation by AP testers.  ( All portfolios are assessed by at least seven highly experienced studio art educators , AP Studio Art teachers or higher education faculty who apply standardized scoring criteria).  My job is to get students ready for the evaluation and teach the material covered in the course.  I am in the process of moving the Visual Manna Academy to Kansas City in June, if everything goes as planned. The course is set up so students will have covered the material needed and it is optional if they want to go through the evaluation.  Students will have the portfolio to do it, however.  Cost for the AP exam is separate and is $93.00 per test (evaluation).

If you do a one week class the AP credit could not be enabled.  However, it would cover a high school credit in art.  You would do 4 hours of art in class and four hours out of class every day for five days.  My goal is to mentor students so they can teach younger students using my art programs and make money using their talent. 

Please let me know if you have any more questions and thanks….