Take A Stroll Through My Paths and Trails Lesson

This is a great lesson for exploring literature through art. Art can be such a wonderful way to make learning about core subjects fun and engaging, especially for reluctant learners. I know you will enjoy this lesson! If you like this lesson, you will love our Teaching Literature Through Art Ebook.

The Teaching Literature Through Art Ebook has all the different genres of literature and illustrations from the original works and then instructions on doing related art. An example might learning about a novel, and then talking about Call of the Wild and looking at original illustrations and then drawing the lead dog.  Poetry, tall tales, fantasy, couplets, essays and more are included. It combines the fun of art with the study of literature.

Like all of our Art Through the Core Books, it is a delightful supplement for visual and kinesthetic learners.  Students learn about the many genres of literature including novels, science fiction, epics, tall tales, fairy tales, fables, all kinds of poetry, journals, handbooks, biographies, essays and much more.  Students learn about how to write different kinds of poetry, and are introduced to some of the great master works of literature and art throughout the ages.  “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle” stories by Washington Irving are illustrated by Quidor.  Students get to see original illustrations from early works of literature and try their hand at art techniques.

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