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I am very excited to be teaching these high school online classes this fall. They are separated into two parts. Students can take one, six-week class, or both. My hope is to mentor these talented young people in art so they can use their talent for the Lord with excellence. My goal is that each student would be able to have a great portfolio and body of work at the end of the class that they could use for free-lance art or college, etc… I have two AP classes I have been certified to teach as well. I will also be offering several one-week camps where students can learn how to do art in ministry for students taking this class. We will be developing murals for local homeless missions and ministries, and going to the fabulous Nelson Art Museum, right here in Kansas City. Families are always welcome. Online class would be from 9:00am until 11:00am central time. Classes will start on September 24, and be every Tuesday. The first hour of class we will be looking at power points and learning the elements and principles of art and art history. For the second part of the two-hour class I will be introducing two techniques in media, and students will be assigned two art projects that would be appropriate for their portfolio. Visual Manna slogan is “Be Bold, Be Original, Be Excellent.” Contact me for more information, Sharon Jeffus: 573-453-6364.

Why Teach Art? Our Opinion in a Nutshell.

Art is very important!  It is visual communication. It develops fine motor skills, encourages creative thinking and originality and effects our everyday life in profound ways.  Understanding how visual communication influences nearly everything we do rests, I believe, in teaching students to have a good understanding of the elements and principles of art and how these are used in master art throughout the ages along with an understanding of a variety of techniques in media.  All of this can be taught if each lesson if approached holistically. Which is why, by the way, Visual Manna exists! To bring that holistic approach is a format that is fun to learn and easy to teach.

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