Our Power Point Series Makes Teaching Art As Easy as Having a Few Basic Supplies and Opening a File

Preschool through High School we have you covered!

If you are teaching younger children and want to inspire them with fine motor skill activities that include looking at master art work and learning the elements and principles of art, you will love Visual Manna’s 20 Power Points Teaching Program for Preschool and Early Elementary – with Skype Session. Suggested activities in literature, watching an older cartoon on YouTube, looking at animal footage, learning about word families and much more is included in the program.  You receive the Ebooks Preschool and Early Elementary Art Basics, Artsy Animals 1,2 & 3 and workbooks, Visual Manna One in Ebook form with unit studies, and Art Basics for Children in Spanish/English. Includes Skype session with Visual Manna owner, Sharon Jeffus to help and encourage you with individualized advice. We developed this power point package to help make your lessons fun and easy to present. We take great joy in being able to make it fun for your students and also fun and easy to do for you as a teacher. Great for schools and homeschoolers alike.

Are you wanting to teach Junior High or High School art?   You can purchase a series of 25 power points that will make it very easy for you!  They teach art history, art vocabulary and an introduction to techniques.  You will receive: 2 power points on the Elements of Art; 3 power points on the Principles of Art; AND 1 power point of each of the following – Cave Painting and Early Art, Early Christian Art, Renaissance Art, Baroque Art, Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract, Op Art and Pop Art, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Dogs, Elephants, Cats, Victorian Art, Hands in Art, Outer Space in Art, Graphic Art,  Fashion Design, Folk Art, One Point Perspective, Two Point Perspective and Sculpting. As a bonus in addition to the power points you also get a Skype session with Sharon Jeffus [owner of Visual Manna] giving you lots of good ideas to use as well.  You also receive a book on the elements and principles of art.


Here is a letter from a satisfied customer:

This year, I went back to teaching art in the public education system after 13 years of staying home to school my family. It was a huge adjustment going back into the work force. Trying to effectively teach, take care of my family and creating all the new media that now goes along with teaching such power points, visual graphics, online lessons, and homework was beginning to overwhelm me. I then remembered using an amazing program for my now 17 year old called Visual Manna. I decided to see if there was anything that the author of the curricula, Sharon Jeffus, had that might help me now. It was like God was answering a prayer. Pre-created PDF’s and power points to use in my class, wonderful lesson plans that sparked great ideas and Sharon even made time to talk one on one with me over Skype about ideas for a particularly hard class that I am teaching. I am happy to say that even this class has gotten better and has started enjoying the fun lessons that Sharon suggested. Without Sharon’s help, my classroom would be even more out of control and I would be without hope. I thank God and Sharon both for the blessing of this curriculum.

Ember Adams


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