Elements of a Successful Art Lesson – Four Things to Include

In my opinion, the makings of a good art lesson includes four elements:

1. In every lesson, have children learn something new about art and have fun doing it.  This includes learning techniques in a variety of media, the elements and principles of art and vocabulary of the arts,  and art appreciation.

2. Each child should feel comfortable and encouraged in practicing self-expression.

3. Each child can explore and be encouraged about discovering hidden talents and have a new appreciation of the importance of art and the role it plays in the world around them.

4. Strive to have each child produce a work of art that is unique.  Allow them to do some independent thinking once the lesson is introduced; to be able to put a work together that is uniquely theirs.  Through art, each child can learn how to not be afraid of failure and have the tenacity of an inventor.  The ability to do this independent thinking can enhance their future success in other subject areas.

I hope this helps as you make your lesson plans. Consider using our curriculum! We incorporate all these elements into an easy to use format for students AND teachers. We also use art as a method of incorporating other core subjects into the material. Art is not just an extracurricular activity! I know in Missouri, where I live, you have to track core hours. With our materials, your art time can count for core because of how we integrate math, science, history and literature into the lessons. Learn more about our products here:

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