Upcoming Online High School Art Lessons

We are offering two different sessions of online art classes at Junior High and High School level. Each session is made up of 6 weeks. First session starts September 24th, ending on October 29th. The second session starts November 5th, ending on December 10th. The lessons will be approximately 2 hours, either be 9am to 11am on Tuesday morning or 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Tuesday evening (central time). The first six weeks will be very foundational, starting with covering the elements and principles of art along with art history. We will learn techniques in media in the second part of every class. The second six weeks will include teaching instructions for the paint parties, while creating really nice personal and unique works of art. The goal will be helping the students get together a professional looking portfolio/body of work. You may pick either one of the sessions, or do both. I will have a list of supplies needed for online work. 

In supporting the online classes there are educational trips that the students may go on. The mission trips could include doing paintings at City Union Mission in Kansas City, or art ministry in St. Louis. In both cases we will go to their local art museum, or (for St. Louis trips) we may go to the Montauk State Park where we will study art and do something for the veterans. I also am praying about some trips abroad. I am going to Italy in February to scope out a mission trip there, and am also praying about Israel where there’s an opportunity to do some murals. The abroad ones are not definite as of now, and the dates on the other ones will be put up next week. All trips are optional, however coming to at least one would be preferred.


Here is more about me as a teacher: Last year I taught high school and AP art at a large Christian classical school in Kansas City, and developed a wonderful curriculum. Student will cover a half credit of high school art in each session, and will get one whole credit of high school art if both sessions are taken. It is my goal to develop graphic art skills and visual communication skills including photography and video training. I treat every student individually and they can work at their own pace. Students will be encouraged to be bold, be original and be excellent. If you want to see a sample power point or have any questions you may email or call me. Sharon Jeffus
email- visualmanna@gmail.com
phone- (573) 453-6364


Be Bold, Be Original, Be Excellent!!!

Visual Manna Art Academy

This is a new 20 hour high school art class  that can be taken online or locally as an art intensive.  Students get to take two art mission trips as part of the class.  We also will be offering an English Literature and Journalism class. 

Each 2 hour class includes ten exciting power points with lesson plans and one hour of instruction in technique and media. Each of the 10 lessons includes approximately two hours of independent study. We will help you put your digital art portfolio or writing portfolio together, we will help you get free lance work, we will arrange two mission trips where you will get hands on experience and you will have an optional opportunity for AP credit starting 2018. You can take the class online, or arrange for a group of 15 students to take the class at a local facility. Email me at visualmanna@gmail.com for more information. Check out these free lessons by Sharon Jeffus.  Another goal of the art class it to be able to teach younger children using Visual Manna materials.



Lesson topics include the elements of art, the principles of art, the psychology and use of color in art, illustration, composition and design, sculpting, creating logos and ads, graphic art on the computer, photography and film making, comic strip art and animation, animals in art, landscapes in art, architecture and landscape architecture and set design, prop design, and costume design. Ask to see a sample lesson including power points, etc.

You can start anytime….Online or arrange a group locally of fifteen students or more.    Excellent opportunities exist for internships at Christian ministries or business upon completion of program. I will help students get required work for the Governor’s School, optional AP credit (starting in 2018), or scholarships.  They will create an excellent digital portfolio with our help. We can also help students to pursue free lance work. We will arrange two mission trips where you will get hands on experience. To reiterate students can take the class online, or arrange for a group of 15 students to take the class at a local facility over a one-week period.

Art is a powerful tool in communication of the gospel. Many students are gifted in the visual arts but have not had the training and experience to use it effectively and with confidence in their churches and communities, and especially when they go on mission trips to serve the Lord and communicate the gospel. Everyone knows the power of an image to convey truth. Art transcends language.

The slogan of Visual Manna’s new art program is “BE BOLD, BE ORIGINAL, AND BE EXCELLENT.”‘


Goals for the new Visual Manna Academy Art Program

1. Students will learn a variety of art techniques in different media and explore finding their own style and their favorite medium.

2. Students will complete 20 works of art that will be appropriate for their digital portfolio, college entrance, free lance work, or AP credit (optional, beginning in 2018).

3. Students will gain experience seeing their gifting in art used in a practical way by experiencing the opportunity to go on two mission trips that will be focused on creating art to use in ministry and encouragement.

4. Students will complete the program with 20 hours of online study and two weeks of practical use of their gifting (mission trips) in order to go into their communities and churches and use their gifting with confidence.

5. Students will cover graphic art programs using open source software and learn techniques in video, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, graphic art, landscape architecture, architecture and costume design. When they choose their concentration they will choose their area of career interest.

6. Students will get a solid foundation in art history and the vocabulary of the arts.

7. Students will get a strong foundation in the elements and principles of art. Cost is $300.00 ( not including cost of missions trips, TBD by individual trip destination and necessary fees).

8. When graduating the program, Visual Manna will work to find students an internship that will further enhance their gifting with Christian companies and ministries.


To finish the class, students will be able to do at least two mission trips. We are working on different opportunities right now.  On some of the mission trips, parents will be welcome to be a part of the experience. I am scheduling one with Chris Davis to Israel to do work for some ministries there, including murals, which is very exciting!

There are many benefits from the program for the student and the communities they will serve. Students will create educational beautiful spaces in Kansas City, MO and St. Louis, MO with sculptures and murals. They will create graphic art and work in illustration, photography and film-making for their professional portfolio. Students will receive my teaching programs to use, and my paint party topics for outreach on missions and for use in their own communities. Students will gain confidence and leadership in art and learn how to use their gifting for the Lord.

When students finish class and two mission trips, internships are available. You can learn more about the internships here. It is our goal that students will be able to make money using their gifting in art.

The cost is $400 for the whole online class portion and you can pay in two payments. Siblings are $650 for two.  The cost for the individual mission trips will vary by location and travel needed. Scholarships will be available if needed.

Contact Sharon for more information at visualmanna@gmail.com

Read more details about this new offering HERE.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. – Michelangelo

The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become. – Henry Martyn

Elizabeth – Our Prayer Warrior for Visual Manna













Teaching Art Online and Live – An Experience

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of having Sharon Jeffus teach my children online art classes. This last month Sharon flew to Marianna, Florida, to teach our homeschool group art classes. Sharon had 17 high school students that she taught art and art history to for a high school credit. The students thoroughly enjoyed her class and were exposed to various mediums of art as well as classic paintings and art history. As a parent I feel my students received an excellent and thorough overview comparable for an art credit. Sharon also did two other workshops for our third-seventh grade and kindergarten –second grade students. Again, the students gained exposure to numerous art mediums and hands on experience. She had 38 students for these workshops.

Sharon was patient, kind, and very attentive to each student. She demonstrated that she has a heart for young people and teaching them art through the eyes of our Creator. I also had the privilege of her staying in my home while she was here for over ten days. Her love for the Lord was evident as well as her desire to reach young people through art. I would highly recommend her to teach any art class. We hope that she will return to our community and do another workshop in the future.


Patty Melvin

August 29, 2016


Snow Art Lesson and Christmas Online Fun

Enjoy this wonderful lesson on Snow and Ice in Art and Literature! Click>HERE< for the lesson.

Just in time for Christmas you can get your child two art lessons on Skype for only $39.00. I will customize the lesson for age and techniques in media. The whole family can do an art lesson together as they are snowed in watching the winter weather. Click the image below to purchase and I will contact you to set a time!

Enjoy this lesson on the snow! I hope you’ll join me for some online classes too! Merry Christmas!

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