This Week – FREE Holiday Arts and Crafts Ebook, Lessons and Art Competition – Ice Skating, Winter Birds, and More!

Here is a great lesson I  just created on Ice Skating in Art and Literature. I am are sure you will enjoy this! Click here to view!

ice skater

If you like this lesson, check out all of Visual Manna’s Art Through the Core books. I have created an entire selection of material to teach core subjects using art. Great for any kind of learner, but especially useful for making learning fun for visual and kinesthetic learners. Go to here to see all our offerings!

Rainbow Resources also has these books in hard copy and CD form, which you can view here.

Your kids will love them!

Here is also a link to another Christmas lesson I created at their site, Our Homeschool Forum, “Shape with Winter Birds”:

art through the year

Also check out this art competition from HSLDA:

art contest hslda

DON’T MISS OUT ON OUR CHRISTIAN HOLIDAYS ARTS AND CRAFTS EBOOK – with 50 different projects to choose from, we are sure you will enjoy this resource! FREE WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER HERE!


The dove of peace, clothes pin angels, an angel mobile, toy soldiers of the cross, a shepherd landscape and much more. Most of the materials needed you already have at home such as yarn, glue, scissors, glitter, poster board, ribbon, clothes pins, etc. Enjoy!

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Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season! God Bless!



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