New Six-Week Online Classes Available

I am very excited to be teaching these high school online classes this fall. They are separated into two parts. Students can take one, six-week class, or both. My hope is to mentor these talented young people in art so they can use their talent for the Lord with excellence. My goal is that each student would be able to have a great portfolio and body of work at the end of the class that they could use for free-lance art or college, etc… I have two AP classes I have been certified to teach as well. I will also be offering several one-week camps where students can learn how to do art in ministry for students taking this class. We will be developing murals for local homeless missions and ministries, and going to the fabulous Nelson Art Museum, right here in Kansas City. Families are always welcome. Online class would be from 9:00am until 11:00am central time. Classes will start on September 24, and be every Tuesday. The first hour of class we will be looking at power points and learning the elements and principles of art and art history. For the second part of the two-hour class I will be introducing two techniques in media, and students will be assigned two art projects that would be appropriate for their portfolio. Visual Manna slogan is “Be Bold, Be Original, Be Excellent.” Contact me for more information, Sharon Jeffus: 573-453-6364.

Come to an Art Intensive Retreat! Or Schedule Your Own Art Paint Party or Tea Party!

Visual Manna Art Programs are about using art to glorify God and uplift and encourage others in creating beautiful spaces! 

It is also about our teaching methods of combining the master artists, the elements and principles of art and art techniques in media for maximum creativity and excellence in visual communication.   

Learn how to:

Do Paint Parties

Host Art Tea Parties

Teach Art

Join us for our week long Art Intensive Retreats and we will show you how!

Check out all the details for our week long retreats HERE.


If you are interested in scheduling a Paint Party or Artist Tea Party taught by us, CONTACT US HERE!

Upcoming Art Camps!


Are you a Christian school looking for an advanced art program supplement that will could for a high school art credit? Visual Manna will do an advanced art camp that will teach excellence and will be an intensive art course where students can continue on and get AP credit if they continue at their school in the program. 
Visual Manna teachers can also provide an art camp for younger age students with a Biblical view point that teaches the elements and principles of art, master works, and wonderful art projects that can be used in ministry.  
We can provide this at your church or school or camp area as well.  
One of our goals is to raise up the next generation of Christ centered art teachers. Teacher training for students is also available.
Already scheduled:  
July 9-13  Kansas City Art Camp  
This will include a half day at the Nelson, and doing a mural for a ministry, along with art training in painting, drawing and sculpting techniques and also graphic art.
July 23-27  Montauk Art Camp
We will be learning skills while enjoying the beauty of the Current River. We will be doing lots of art of things in nature and do a mural for a ministry in the country.  
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
Ask about our paint parties for young and old. We can create murals with the children, or do delightful canvas painting pictures to cherish with friends.
Sharon Jeffus
Owner of Visual Manna
Contact us for more information:   
Email or call 573-453-6364.  
About Sharon: Sharon Jeffus has a B.S.S.E. in Art Education from John Brown University and continued on in her studies to be certified to teach English from the University of Arkansas. She studied painting at Metropolitan in Denver and sculpting at Southern Illinois University. She has written over twenty books and has the internationally known company Visual Manna. Sharon wrote her first book in 1992 and developed the Visual Manna teaching method where art is integrated with art appreciation, techniques, vocabulary and core subjects. She has also written an Indian Arts and Crafts program that was rated outstanding by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.Sharon taught in the public schools in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. She then left the public school system to write books, travel and homeschool her two children.  Sharon also taught Intensive English as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Missouri-Rolla and has given presentations on teaching art to college classes including Azusa Pacific University and Columbia College and the Audubon Society. She has three AP courses that have been approved to teach. Art internships are also available. Sharon developed and presented workshops in coordination with Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Bass Pro on art and science. Her books are available in ebook form and at Rainbow Resources  that has free videos of her lessons. Visual Manna Academy is offering a comprehensive art program for high school students and students graduating who want a strong foundation in art and also written communication, provided by Visual Manna teachers. 

How to Design a Tiny House Fishing Cabin and Read More About Visual Manna’s NEW Creating Spaces Business

There is in every American, I think, something of the old Daniel Boone – who, when he could see the smoke from another chimney, felt himself too crowded and moved further out into the wilderness. Hubert H. Humphrey

People are buying pieces of land in the wilderness and putting cabins on them in a very economical and creative way. I unexpectedly was able to be a part of this great adventure. For under $20,000 you can create a great living space that will have everything you need. 

Click here to read the full article and see how we transformed a cabin shell into a wonderful tiny living space! 

Visual Manna is now branching out into a new business where we do unique décor items, remodeling, murals and sculptures. Visual Manna’s Creating Spaces will create spaces to specification. Our specialty is creating a tiny house, rustic cabins, steam punk industrial designs, and church designs. We will contract to modify a space to individual specifications.

Come to an art retreat and learn how to create your own décor items with paint party pictures (check out our new Horse Paint Party theme HERE)
Unique furniture and décor chosen by us
Murals and designs for churches

Let us help you to enjoy art in your everyday living!

Visual Manna Creating Spaces

Owner Sharon Jeffus












My Latest Interview: Murals – A Force For Change

I recently had the pleasure of completing an interview with Paul Bass. It was a pleasure to share about my own experience as a Christian, teacher and homeschooling mom and the impact of murals. One of my favorite things to do is teach young people how to do murals. Check out my interview here or click the image below to be taken to the audio recording and visual power point presentation. You will learn more about what murals are, how they are done and the impact they have on communities throughout history. Great to listen to with your students!

murals mp3 snip

Not Sure What to Give This Christmas? Give the Gift of Art!

Landry Academy Gift Flyer December 2014 blog post

We have some great classes coming up with the Landry Academy. We offer BOTH a two-day Art Intensive and four-day Advanced Art Workshop.You don’t want to miss them! We have locations available throughout the United States. Here are some details:

Two-Day Art Intensive Option

Credit: 1 semester class

Length: 2 Days. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day. Students should bring a brown bag lunch and snacks each day.

Students may commute from home each day or families may find local accommodations.

Prerequisites: none.

Suggested Student Grade Range: 6th – 12th

Professor: Sharon Jeffus, Nationally known art teacher and author

Location: Exact location in each area will be determined and announced closer to the date of the event.

What is provided to students: As part of our Art Intensive each student will receive a t-shirt and all the supplies needed for the labs.

No Art Experience Necessary for this Intensive!

Students learn the elements and principles of art (line, shape, texture, color, value and form), art history (Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Expressionism, Realism (and movements such as The Hudson River School, Romanticism, etc.) and art techniques (pencil, charcoal, pastels, markers, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media)  in a two day time period.

Day One

Students complete:
-a line design learning marker and oil pastel techniques while looking at master art by Van Gogh and Dore.
-a shape project learning techniques in pencil and willow charcoal while looking at master art by Carravaggio, Raphael and Da Vinci.
-a texture project learning shading techniques while looking at master artists Audubon and Bierdstadt.
-a color project while looking at master artists Franz Marc, Monet and Renior.  Students do a horse in color and learn techniques in water color.
-a project showing value and look at master artists Gainsborough, Moran and Cezanne.
-a mixed media project.

Day Two

-learn techniques in linear perspective.
-complete a cityscape and bridge.
-look at works by Brunelleschi and Cole.
-study form looking at sculptures including the “Pieta” by Michelangelo and create a sculpture with terra cotta clay.
-learn portrait techniques and portrait artists then do their own portrait.
-look at master portrait artists Vermeer and Copely.
-do a landscape on a small canvas using acrylic paint using only primary colors and white.
-learn technique in under painting and blending.
-go over the master artists we looked at and talk about where they fit in in the history of art, techniques and the elements and principles, reinforcing what they have learned.


Four-Day Advanced Art Worshop Option

The advanced art and mural workshops are taught by internationally known art teacher and author, Visual Manna Owner Sharon Jeffus, for 13-18 year olds.

– Credit: 1 semester class

– Length: 4 Days. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day. Students should bring a brown bag lunch and snacks each day.

– Students may commute from home each day or families may find local accommodations.

– Prerequisite: some type of basic art training: co-op class, intensive, class at home, online class, self directed study, etc.

– Location: Exact location in each area will be determined and announced closer to the date of the event.

– What is provided to students: As part of our Advanced Art Workshop each student will receive a manual, a t-shirt, and all the supplies needed for the workshop.

Note: All of these workshops will include mural painting instruction – some (but not all) will include students actually painting a barn / church / business mural. That information will be noted in the details within the course catalog as it becomes available.

The earlier you register, the bigger the discount.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


To see specific locations, details, and to register, select “Jeffus (Advanced Art Workshop), Sharon” from the Teacher Search in the Landry Academy course catalog, then submit.

landry logo


We also are offering two bundle specials, one for Older Students and one for Younger Children. This is a great value!


CHRISTMAS SPECIAL FOR OLDER CHILDREN – 6th to 12th Grade Curriculum ebook Bundle – $75

Excellent curriculum for older children!


  • Master Drawing
  • Drawing, Painting and Sculpting Horses
  • Visual Manna Complete Curriculum Book 1 & 2

Everything you need to teach the wee little ones. All these books are very popular.


  • Art Basics for Children
  • Preschool and Early Elementary Art Basics
  • Preschool Bible Lessons
  • Artsy Animals Book One and Workbook

DON’T MISS OUT ON OUR CHRISTIAN HOLIDAYS ARTS AND CRAFTS EBOOK – with 50 different projects to choose from, we are sure you will enjoy this resource! FREE WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER HERE!


The dove of peace, clothes pin angels, an angel mobile, toy soldiers of the cross, a shepherd landscape and much more. Most of the materials needed you already have at home such as yarn, glue, scissors, glitter, poster board, ribbon, clothes pins, etc. Enjoy!

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