Let us treat you to a fun time homeschooling with our Mother’s Day Sale

Need a refreshing change in curriculum? Give yourself a break by getting this set of fun Ebook supplements to the core subjects. We specialize in making learning fun for students AND teachers – and this package will not disappoint!

Includes these Ebooks: Teaching Math through Art, Teaching Astronomy through Art, Teaching English through Art, Teaching Social Studies through Art, Teaching Science through Art, Teaching History and American History through Art AND an extra bonus Ebook for only $25.00.


Even though this sale has ended you can check out all of our Teaching Art Through Core Subjects Ebooks and other product offerings by clicking here.

Check out a sample of our Teaching Math Through Art Ebook

Teaching Math Through Art takes students from the 3rd to the 8th grade and goes through all the things they need to know in math, putting lessons in a hands on art-based context.  Rotations, reflections, fractions (when drawing the face, measuring tryptches, grids, and more), three dimensional shapes, and much more are included. Master works of art such as Carravagio’s “Narcissus,” when studying reflection, and Leonardo da Vinci’s math used in facial proportions are part of this unique approach to math basics. Make learning math fun, with ART! Check out this sample material:
math 1math 2math 3math 4math 5math 6math 7
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A Different Approach to Teaching Core Subjects for Various Types of Learners

Do you have a visual learner? Kinesthetic [ hands on]? At risk student? Special needs? Gifted and talented?


If you want a different hands on approach to teaching core basics, you would benefit from the following books and power points available by Visual Manna:
Master Drawing (teachings originality and creativity)
Teaching Math through Art
Teaching Science through Art
Teaching Social Studies through Art
Teaching English through Art
Teaching History through Art
Teaching American History through Art
Teaching Astronomy through Art 1
Teaching Astronomy through Art 2

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You could also use the Visual Manna Teacher Package One Bundle and Visual Manna Teacher Package Two Bundle.  These are two large curriculums that have well over 800 pages of lessons. Here is what is included:

Visual Manna Teacher Package One Bundle $69
  • Visual Manna One Complete Art Curriculum and Master Pictures
  • Visual Manna One Unit Study
  • Master Drawing
  • 15 power points on the elements and principles of art, techniques and art history. 


 Visual Manna Teacher Package Two Bundle $149

  • Visual Manna One and Visual Manna Two with Master Art
  • Master Drawing
  • Preschool and Early Elementary Art Basics
  • Power Points
  • Elements of Art (2)
  • Principles of Art (3)
  • Lines in Art
  • Creating Textures
  • Creating Values
  • Early Cave Art
  • Greek Art
  • Roman Art
  • Art of the Middle Ages/Illuminated Text
  • Renaissance
  • Baroque
  • The Golden Age of Dutch Art
  • Victorian Art
  • Impressionism
  • Expressionism
  • Art Deco and Art Nouveau
  • Abstract and Op Art
  • Hands in Art
  • Cats in Art
  • Dogs inArt
  • Horses in Art
  • Elephants in Art
  • Outer Space Art
  • Folk Art
  • Perspective
  • Trees in Art
  • Creating Textures/Birds and Rhinos
  • Creating Values/Flowers

You can also ask for sample power point lesson by contacting us.

Our goal is to help creative students come up with original ideas to market, while at the same time teaching them the elements and principles of art and a variety of techniques in media.

Supplies needed:
black markers or drawing pens
pencils and rulers and erasers
oil pastels
tube watercolors
terra cotta clay
colored pencils
All graphic programs we teach are open source….they are free.
And of course, we need paper!!!

With these basic items, a whole world of education can open up. For visual and kinesthetic learners, at risk, special needs, or any type of learner, our material presents core subjects in ways that are creative and make learning fun.

Please check out our other offerings too! Visual Manna has been educating with art since 1992!

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