Creative Ideas From the 20’s and 30’s… Making the Most of Your Money With Art

I have always wanted to share my ideas and this is just the beginning!

After spending hours at my mother’s rest home and talking with the residents about depression days was how I began thinking about sharing tips for inexpensive art ideas.

In the future, I will have more ideas to do with your children that costs little or nothing; a wonderful recipe from the depression days to save money on food, and ways to conserve and use recycled items in creative ways. Read the original full article here.

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You May Have Children Who Struggle With Art – One Mom’s Experience

Do some of your children struggle in the area of art? We can help with that! Visual Manna owner Sharon Jeffus has had years of experience teaching all varieties of struggling  young learners art. Here is a letter we received from one mom about her experience:

Dear Sharon,

I have been so blessed by your art instruction to my children. I have struggled for a number of years to offer them art instruction and have never been happy with what was available. Once we walked into your studio it was such a relief and I felt that we had moved into the hands of a master that would guide my children into discovering their artistic side.

They have enjoyed their classes and your calm encouraging manner has left them feeling successful and eager to experiment. The projects they have created have encompassed a number of different mediums and techniques and they are really starting to blossom as artists. We can’t wait until our next class and that is really saying something, as one of my children is not always open to creativity. You have been able to tailor a class to meet the needs of two learners that come from very different places; one likes to follow rules and the other likes to be creative and playful. I thank you for your time, patience, and sharing your wonderful gift to help unlock their inner artist.


Cynthia Moran

Thank you Cynthia! We love to help students AND teachers enjoy art. Check out all our offerings to help you with this!