Students Learn To Teach Art to Younger Children

Visual Manna Academy Students will receive several of my teaching power points and upon graduation from the program will be prepared to teach younger students about master artists, elements of art, and will learn how to do a project with them step by step.  Students will be able to teach five group lessons in a series.  You can sign up for online classes anytime.  Visual Manna Academy starts officially in the fall of 2017.

Check out Artsy Animals!

This week’s featured product is our Artsy Animals Ebook Bundle.

You get 7 wonderful ebooks, 3 eworkbooks and 5 power points. Children learn art in an alphabet or numbers format. Some Spanish is included. This is very easy to teach and makes learning fun.

Product Detail:

  • ABC’s of Art in Spanish/English
  • Artsy Animals Book and Workbook
  • Artsy Animals in the Garden and Around the House Book and Workbook
  • Artsy Animals in the Ocean Book and Workbook
  • Artsy Animals Being Kind Each Other
  • Preschool and Early Art Education
  • Artsy Parties
  • 5 power points

Here is a sample lesson from Artsy Animals with Raymond the Rhino:R1

R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10Click here to purchase our full Ebook Bundle!

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