Schedule a Day Long American History Art Workshop!

Do you have questions about the workshop?  We will come and bring all the supplies needed for an art workshop that is mixed media.  Students can bring their own colored pencils or markers, but it is not necessary.  We provide markers, pencils, paint, brushes, paper, canvas, terra cotta clay, wet wipes and table coverings.  We need a facility that has tables for students.  The facility also needs bathrooms and sinks.  We bring our own power point projector for projecting master art works and a presentation on American art and different art projects.  Workshops lasts from 9:00 until 3:00 if an hour is allowed for lunch, or 2:30 if a half hour is provided.  Students learn the elements and principles of art in the projects we do.  They learn perspective, portrait, painting techniques, sculpting and an understanding of the use of line, shape, texture, color, value, form, emphasis, and unity.  The basic workshop is for ages 9 and up.  If you would like us to do a workshop for ages 5-8, we can do a morning workshop for $15.00.  The day long workshop is $25.00.  Students receive a certificate of completion.  You can email me with more questions at  Students receive Master Drawing ebook and also Teaching American History through Art ebook.   If a workshop for little ones is given, students receive Preschool and Early Elementary ebook.

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