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What a season we are in. Suddenly many of us are being required to school at home as we wait and face new needs. Join us for our online classes and help fill your time at home with rich art education!

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Note: We can customize a class to your group as well. 6 or more students cost $50 per student for 6 classes and scholarships are available as well!

Sharon Jeffus will teach art for all ages.  Ages 8 and under will combine science and literature with their art lesson in the form of a tea party. 

For Elementary and Middle School

Month One We are going to do master artist tea parties. These parties teach the elements and principles of art along with elements of history and literature. Extra projects will be given for home exploration.

Week one:

Monday – Stubbs and Rousseau Jungle Tea Party

We will look at the wonderful animal and jungle art of master artists Stubbs and Rousseau. We will also talk about the books “Tarzan,” and “The Jungle Book.” Have you ever heard the Tarzan call? We will make a jungle animal hiding in the jungle, a monkey mask, and a wolf picture while learning the elements and principles of art.

Wednesday – Narnia Tea Party

We will look at the wonderful art of Waterhouse and Wyeth of ancient kingdoms. We will talk about “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and C. S. Lewis. We will learn how to make to make a lion, we will make a folded paper three -dimensional throne; and design a crown. We will also create a lamp post picture when at the end of the story the kings and queens of Narnia go back into the wardrobe.

Week two:

Monday – Tea by the Sea by Winslow Homer

We will look at the great seascapes of Winslow Homer. We will also listen to music of the time and see an old video of the seaside in the early 1900s We will make porthole pictures and learn how to make a beautiful sunset by the sea. We will look at Homer’s bathing suit picture and design paper dolls. We will also make an ocean picture with a man fishing with a treasure chest on the bottom of the ocean.

Wednesday – Jesse Wilcox Smith Mad Hatter Tea Party

We will look at the wonderful art of Jesse Wilcox Smith and Arthur Rackham. We will read some descriptions from “Alice in Wonderland” and talk about how the artists brought the story to life visually. We will make a Steampunk Victorian Clock, Cheshire Cat, create a deck of cards, and design a teapot. We will also create directional signs and talk about how to make a decision about what direction you take.

Week Three:

Monday – Monet Art Garden Tea Party

We will look at the wonderful art of the great master artist Monet. We will create a water lily picture from paint and tissue paper. We will create characters from insects. We will learn how to make tissue paper flowers as well. We will do art to Tchaikovsky’s – “00Waltz of the Flowers” and make a parasol.

Wednesday – Spitzweg’s Victorian Tea Party

We will study about how Carl Spitzweg’s art brought the works of Charles Dickens alive. We will create a nutcracker, illustrate a poem by Willian Wordsworth, create a chimney sweep, and make a large stack of books, learning about perspective and differences in value and texture.

Week Four:

Monday – Trumbull’s Boston Tea Party

We will look at the amazing art of John Trumbull and how he pictured the Revolutionary War and the historical events of the time period. We will read some of George Washington’s “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior.” We will create a miniature portrait, an American Flag at the time of the tea party, silver tea pot, and listen to drum and fife music and create a drum and fife We will look at recipes from the time period and do a still life from a dinner plate at the time.

Wednesday – Walter Crane’s Art Nouveau and Steampunk Tea Party

We will look at the art of Walter Crane and the art nouveau art and architecture of the time period. We will create an art nouveau style poster, assemblage sculpture out of recycled materials, make a steam punk flying machine, and make a portrait with a collage of lace, old buttons, around the face.

For High School & Junior High 

Online Lesson One:   

Monday we will look at master sample portraits and draw a face together.  We will work on a self- portrait. 2 power points on master portraits We will talk about proportion and value.

Wednesday we will look master art portraits in different styles.   We will work on doing a finished self-portrait with personality. Vocabulary list one

Online Lesson Two:

This week we will focus on Expressionism and Fauvism.  Monday we will look at two power points and then do an animal in bright colors.  We will learn techniques in painting. We will focus on color and value.

Wednesday we will learn techniques in mixing and blending and create an animal of choice using bright colors.  Vocabulary list two

Online Lesson Three:

This week we will introduce Art Nouveau.  Monday we will look at two power points on this topic and students can download a coloring book on Art Nouveau from the Smithsonian.   We will talk about balance and symmetry and learn various principles.

Wednesday we will look at Steampunk animals and do a Steampunk animal or flying machine.  Vocabulary list three

Online Lesson Four:

This week we will focus on perspective.  Monday we will see two power points on cityscapes and one- and two -point perspective.  We will do a detailed cityscape in a one- point perspective.

Wednesday we will do a picture in two- point perspective and see 2 power points on architecture.

Vocabulary list four

Other Class Offerings

Animals and Art

Taught by Sharon Jeffus, with a focus on art, science and literature for students up to third grade

Murals and Graphic Art

Taught by Sharon Jeffus

Introduction to Excellence

Taught by Sharon Jeffus for Junior High and High School

Creative Welding

Josh Jeffus will teach creative welding online. Participants will need their own welders.


Jay Manifold will be teaching Astronomy. Aquila Astronomy is offering online astronomy workshops to home schoolers, private schools, and any other interested groups of students. Workshops cover Next Generation Science Standards HS-ESS1 1-4, 6.

Baseline 6-Part Workshop

Unit 1
Why Astronomy: preventing ignorance, disrespect, and deception; promoting learning, reasoning capacity, and realization of significance
Unaided Eye Astronomy I – Sun and Moon: years and seasons; types of years; atmospheric optical effects; tides; types of months; eclipses

Unit 2
Unaided Eye Astronomy II – Stars and Planets: fixed and wanderers; comets and meteors

Unit 3
Astronomical Optics: telescopes; spectroscopes; non-optical telescopes (radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma ray, neutrino)

Unit 4
History of Telescopic Astronomy I: lunar features and exploration; solar cycles, mechanisms, and extreme events

Unit 5
History of Telescopic Astronomy II: planets and moons; comets and asteroids; Earth impactors

Unit 6
History of Telescopic Astronomy III: stars, exoplanets, nebulae, the Milky Way, and other galaxies

Each unit is approximately 1 hour in duration, including discussion. Special “lockdown” rate is $30 per student for the entire series. Exact scheduling will be determined by most common student availability and time zone; instructor is on Central Daylight Time (UTC – 5 hours). For astronomy, you can contact Jay Manifold at

Contact Sharon at for more information regarding all other classes


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