Online Art Intensive

For older students and adults:

Because art is so important to the homeschool, private, and Christian school
environment, I am offering an affordable  online art intensive for 5
days for only 25 dollars.  If you are doing the course for credit, I have

vocabulary lists and reports to do. If you are doing it to learn how to succeed

in your art abilities and techniques, you can just work on the project portfolio.

I have 4 scheduled and will offer more as
classes fill up.  I am a homeschool mom and grandmother that is
passionate about providing art education for the homeschool community.
I  have taught in the public, private and homeschool venues.    This
is the same intensive I developed for the Landry Academy and taught
nationwide several years ago.  The class is live online for five
mornings.  The second week will be one on one for individual art help
and creating a digital portfolio.  Upon registration you receive the
Master Drawing Book and class syllabus.  This is for junior and senior
high school and adults.   Primarily this is for ages 12 and up, however some
gifted younger students will be considered.
August 1 – 5
September 19 – 23
October 10 – 14
November 28 – December 2