One Week Immersion in Art

We can do the High School Art Class in a one week time period.  You will need to spend 4 hours in class and four hours independent study.  You can organize a group of ten students for a live class. High school students get an equivalent credit in high school art in a one week class. Students do vocabulary lists every day, reports on master artists and movements, and learn the elements and principles of art. They receive training in  techniques in media including drawing, painting in acrylic and watercolor, sculpting in clay, working in pastels and graphic art.  There will be nine graded assignments and a test. The class teaches the information holistically. The curriculum meets most state grade level expectations. Students also receive three ebooks to go with the class. Graded assignments are points for getting the vocabulary done and reports finished. Because this is a high school credit, students cover history and vocabulary and also do an introduction to different media which are really fun and exciting art projects. When they are done they will have some great artwork to show for the course as well as the art history.

This is a great way to cover art in a short period of time.  It will help with student’s communication skills visually and verbally throughout their high school education.

Class will be offered online or I will come and teach the class locally for expenses and a group of at least 15 students.  Cost is $240.00 for the week. Contact us HERE for more details!   Parents organizing workshop get in for free. 

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