How can I take this class?

Dates for live morning classes: September 19-23, October 10-14, November 28-December 2.

You can schedule your own or do class at your own speed online.

 1. You can sign up as a student and do the course at your own rate of
speed for the semester. The completion of the course will be eight
works of art being completed and put in a digital portfolio and with
your permission our digital art gallery.
 2. We can schedule your school or support group if you have 15 or
more students, and you can do this as a group and we will schedule
the live lessons for you. With larger group size we can give a discount.
 3. As a teacher, you can pay to access the course. Teachers will
receive extra teaching materials not available in the classroom for
teaching, including my complete art curriculum, etc. Cost is 150
 4. You can take the class for credit. This will involve one on one working
with student and their accrediting institution so the cost will be an extra
100 dollars for the extra materials needed and working with the
institution. Each school and state has their own criteria.