Learn Murals for Ministry and How to BLAZE for God, Plus Upcoming FEBRUARY 2020 SCHEDULE

We create beauty and encouragement in places that need it the most. We work for ministries, rescue missions, churches, theatre groups and more training young people to use their talent for Christ. Join the team. Contact us on registering for a training workshop today. A Blaze Bible study will also be included to share the gospel with others using art.

February 20-22 we will do murals for City Union Mission

City Union Rescue Mission on Feb 20-22 Schedule for Visual Manna and Blaze Workshop
Ministering in Art/Learning How to do Murals in Ministry
BLAZE taking the gospel all around the world


8:30-9 worship and prayer Blaze introduction

9-10 Vision of the Art Mural – Sharon: Interview with person in charge of the building/ministry and the mural and hearing their ideas and suggestions. Question and answer brain storming for ideas.

10-11 BLAZE into Born to be great – relate the mural vision with God’s vision for each as He planned each day for us who are created with a great purpose for greatness as He fearfully and wonderfully created us and woven our inner parts in our mother’s womb.

11-12 Art activity – Presentation on the elements and principle of art and learning a media technique doing a sample picture. (Students get a set of ebooks to talk with them from the workshop). Talk about copyright and original design. Be Bold, Be Original, Be Excellent.

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30 -1 Worship and Prayer (or 12-1 lunch) – We will include worship in the first afternoon session Students will pray about ideas and do preliminary sketches bringing the mural vision to life in paint; learning techniques in painting; brainstorming.

1-2 Art teaching – Students will learn painting techniques looking at the masters. Students will continue working on preliminary original ideas.

2-3 BLAZE – Love as our Lord loves us.

3-4 Art activity – Students will make a prototype of their idea in paint. We will discuss how to do this.


8:30-9 Worship and Prayer

9-12 Trip to the Nelson Art Museum – Students take sketch pads and sketch from the masters, learning techniques in painting. Blaze training as part of art museum. BLAZE – Amaze others using the gifts/talents God has given each for His glory.

12-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1 Worship and Prayer (or 12-1 lunch) – We will include worship BLAZE training

1-2 Art teaching – Students working on mural idea and learning how to get the design completed on the walls. Draw murals on walls. BLAZE – Excellence in all areas living in purity and righteousness in the power of the Holy Spirit (Be holy as I am Holy says the Lord).

1-4 We will attempt to finish all the under-painting.


9 to 4 Students will work on mural with a break to see the Christian art show “ Sound of Light Gallery Event.”

Cost is $150 per student. All ebooks and supplies included. Contact Sharon at visualmanna@gmail.com for more information.

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