Internship and Mentoring Information

Visual Manna Art Internship 

Are you looking for options for your talented visual artist?  They can do an online or local internship.

If you do a semester internship with Sharon Jeffus, there is a $500 fee for the whole course.  We can train you to teach art to children; do paint parties; create murals; do graphic art; and learn computer art techniques along with media techniques from master artists. The hours can be local (Kansas City area) and online. If you are taking the internship online, you will need to come to one of three camps located in Kansas City, MO; Springfield, MO or Montauk State Park area. There are three available. The fee can be bartered.   Students will do graphic art and murals for ministry and illustrate books; they will develop a professional portfolio. Students will do an art museum study. Students will also do a sculpture for landscape architecture for children. They will get training teaching younger children.  

Visual Manna will be granted permission to use all artwork created in this time period (under the mentorship of Visual Manna) in Visual Manna training promo and programs.  Students will maintain copyright ownership and can use or sell the artwork they create under these criteria.

Upon completion of the program students will get a certificate of completion and we will try and help them find a job using their abilities and skills. 

They will also take part in a art gallery show.  Here are some endorsements. IMG 1508 1 – YouTube

To Whom it May Concern, I had the pleasure of working under the guide of Sharon Jeffus with Visual Manna. Though an aspiring Artist, I knew little about the foundations and principles of art. Now I know not just definitions but application of said skills. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable as well as optimistic in her teachings. She has personally guided me into being able to be proud of my art, as well as encourage my own creativity. Visual Manna is involved in many different ministry and schooling activities. The heart for using the beauty of art to inspire others and encourage the gospel is a worthwhile cause that God is using all around Kansas City. The Visual Manna Artist Tea Parties are wonderful educational parties to spark creativity, encouragement, and the Gospel in children. The projects are fun for even adults to finish. I love how family orientated Visual Manna aims to be, and there are benefits and opportunities for people of all ages through their educational services. – Hannah Bond 2019 – 2020 

We can’t stop talking about the great work the artists did for our murals.  You are amazing to be able to put on canvas our vision, mission and passion.  God bless you so much. Mark Akers Oasis International 

We are waiting to hear of her acceptance to the South Carolina Governor’s School of the Arts and Humanities. It should be by the middle of April, and I will share any news we get with you. What a privilege to meet you!  What a blessing for Kamryn to get to work under you!  She has grown so much in the last 2-3 months, not just in her art, but her dad and I think she has come to realize how special her gift is and her responsibility to take every opportunity to cultivate it to honor the Father, who gave it to her!  Thank you so much for being such a part of her growth. 

Blessings and shalom, 

Danielle took the online art class from Sharon. She worked on watercolor, pastel, and mixed media through the online class. She won a second and third place ribbon in a local art contest for her art work. Taking the class gave her the confidence to enter the contest. She was able to work on these projects with Sharon online during the class. 

~Mrs. Melvin 

The mentoring or internship programs would be for a student interested in a career in art, teaching, or film making. Training can include graphic art, photography, mural painting and film making for Visual Manna. Another possibility would be for teacher training at a local Christian academy, and Visual Manna’s Master Artist Tea Parties. Students will also have many opportunities to show their work and develop as an artist. A previous intern got to teach elementary and middle school art at an amazing Christian academy.

Sharon Jeffus graduated from John Brown University with a B. S. E. in art education and then continued in education at the University of Arkansas to get her English certification.  She studied painting at Metropolitan in Denver and sculpting at Southern Illinois University.  Sharon taught in public schools and wrote curriculum over 14 years and then began homeschooling and traveling with her husband doing art workshops across the country.    She also directed art programs in Christian schools in Branson and Kansas City, MO.  She wrote an Indian Arts and Crafts Program that was rated outstanding by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Sharon has written over 20 books on art education and recently had a book chosen to be used as a graduate level professional development course at Vanguard University.   You can go here to Rainbow Resources to get free lessons and purchase her books:  Private video lessons are available here;     You can contact her at

Please contact Sharon at for more information. Or call at 573-453-6364