High School Students Exploring a Career in Art

If you feel like God is leading you into a career in art, please consider our program.  I always like to tell students that drawing and painting is art that you look at, sculpture is art you walk around, fashion design is art that you wear and architecture is art that can walk through.  The careers of industrial design is also a great field in which to use your talents.  Our intern and mentorship program consists of 2 Advanced AP level art classes and putting together a digital portfolio, going to an Advanced Art Landry Academy Camp or a five day missions camp at Camp Penuel in Ironton MO, or a two week teaching opportunity with Sharon Jeffus learning art teaching skills, graphic arts, and learning ways use your talent with excellence.  Go here and check out our Camp Internship Opportunities. We also offer art intensives and advanced art intensives through the Landry Academy. http://www.landryacademy.com/intensives/subject-area-overview/adv-art-workshops/

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