As a child grows into a young adult, communication skills are very important.  Teaching art correctly enhances their ability in all disciplines to communicate their ideas visually with excellence. 


1. For older students to succeed in art as a career, or to enhance their career choice, they need to be taught the elements and principles in art in a cohesive way and understand why these are important. Students gifted in art can be made 100 % better by understanding why they naturally do what they do to create successful art projects. They need to be taught excellence and portfolio presentation.  Knowing these basics also helps them to be a better teacher of younger students in art. 

2. They need to be exposed to the masters and understand why their art was so successful.  They need to understand the powerful influence art has been in history and culture.  They can also be instructed how to use their art in ministry and encouraging and uplifting people with their ideas in a professional manor. 

3.  They need to be taught excellence in a variety of media and find the technique they want to excel in; to find themselves as an artist.   Be bold.  Be original.  Be excellent.  Mentorship is important for older students. 


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Rainbow Resources offers free lessons by Sharon Jeffus here:

First lesson –

Second lesson –


Enjoy art!




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