Content of Visual Manna Academy Course & Student Art Gallery!

Following is a list of art work I would like you to have completed for graduation from this program.
Art you do on mission trips will be included on this list if you choose. Select your very best work for
your final portfolio. Be sure and keep a sketchbook and always date and sign what you do. When you
come up with an original idea, jot down how you got it. You will have a whole year to finish the program.
I want you to have enough for the AP credit if you so choose. Remember to BE BOLD, BE

1. Large finished poster in mixed media can be paint/charcoal/chalk/marker.
2. T-Shirt design that goes with poster.
3. Business Card, Logo and Brochure (Computer graphics for
marketing a product). This can be for your own business or one that you are familiar with.
4. Three watercolor paintings and three canvas paintings.
5. One sculpture
6. Photograph for competition
7. One Ad
8. One finished black and white drawing of a person in history showing
composition and design and one pen and ink drawing of the same.
9. One set design/ one costume design
10. One original mural design/we will work on one mural together (this will be done on mission trips).
11. Participation in an art show.
12. Your name in an interesting way.
13. A series of twelve pictures of a certain thing done in different ways and different mediums.
14. An original comic character.
15. A collage or montage showing your sense of design and composition.
16. A poster where you bring a spiritual concept to life.
17. An original Bible lesson that has a master work of art, an element of art and instruction in technique
of media.
18. A picture in black and white ink drawing that shows you understand line and composition.
19. A portrait of a person.
20. A charcoal drawing that is 24” by 36” done with excellence. You can use a roll of brown paper to
do this.
21. A pastel portrait drawing of an animal.
22. A drawing using one point perspective and a drawing using two point perspective that shows you
understand the concept very well.

Go here for online free lessons for younger students.  Students graduating the program will be encouraged to use my materials to teach younger children. For more information, CONTACT US!

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