A Christian Alternative to Secular Paint Parties

Do a paint party online wherever it is most convenient to you or opt to have it done in person! The minimum is $75 for two people. Each extra person is $20 for online parties and $25 for in-person parties [contact Sharon Jeffus at visualmanna@gmail.com for details of how to book for more than 2 people].

Paint parties are getting more popular all the time. It is a time when you can enjoy fellowship with friends and create a memorable keepsake.The wine industry partners with artists to host “sip and paint parties” where friends finish a painting together and take home a painting that they have created. Now there is a paint party that is perfect for a Bible study or youth group project! Sharon Jeffus has created a series of spiritually uplifting paintings that are easy to do and can encourage and bless others. You can use them as a gift, or enjoy them in your very own home! The paintings are created on old wood. It is a perfect activity for a youth group or Bible study as well. The first theme has painters painting a beautiful sunset. Participants do two paintings in a three hour time period. The sunset is in colors of orange, red and yellow. The theme is “Be Still and Know that I AM God.”

In doing the paintings on old barn wood, painters can decide to either use the borders showing the old wood as a frame, or cover the entire piece of wood.The different wood grains add interesting textures to the finished pictures.

Principles of atmospheric perspective are taught and participants learn how to paint beautiful and peaceful landscapes. Classes also are given in painting lions, eagles and horses, like the verses: “The righteous are as bold as a lion;” in Proverbs 28:1; and Isaiah 40:31, “They will mount up with wings as an eagle,” and Proverbs 21:31.

If you are interested in hosting one of these paint parties or learning how to do it, feel free to contact Sharon Jeffus, Visual Manna owner, with any questions at visualmanna@gmail.com or sign up here.


6 Replies to “A Christian Alternative to Secular Paint Parties”

  1. Chrissy Ehlers

    We are interested in a painting party and would like to see if you have any available for Mothers Day Weekend for our church. Total will be between 20 – 50 ladies.
    Look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Catherine Kaderavek

    Do you do church events? Is the pricing the same for larger groups? Can we choose a verse or do we pick from a list of verses provided?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Sharon Post author

    Hi Catherine! This is Sarah, an assistant to Sharon. Thanks for your interest! For questions like these, please feel free to email Sharon at visualmanna@gmail.com if you are still interested and she can help explain and customize an event for your group.

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