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In these days of the Covid virus, His Lions (Visual Manna) and BLAZE (Abba Wholeness) are combining together to train young people in the visual media along with Bible study for wellness right here in Kansas City. Something needed in homeschooling and Christian education is an excellent program in which students can see the power of visual images in swaying opinion and teaching concepts. Camps for this summer are June 13-17 in Kansas City, MO. July 18-22 at the Springfield ranch. Email me at for information.

Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna (His Lions) is teaching the advanced art program with optional AP credit. The art part will be helping young people put together a digital portfolio of their best work.

Linabelle Finnegan is teaching on a Bible study that God gave her almost 15 years ago called BLAZE. Blaze is a very large or fiercely burning fire. This is what we will be for God, if we learn His truth if we believe it, and if we allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to live it! We will be a BLAZE for Christ. Classes will be at ABBA Wholeness in Blue Springs; camps will be at the ABBA ranch. Contact us for more information and schedules.

As these young students are learning to create beauty through Art, they also will learn how God created beauty in them and through them. They will learn that God designed them to BLAZE and bring light and beauty around them. As they learn to paint a mural from conception to actualization, they will learn that they also were conceived with precision. Every stroke of a drawing, every color in the palette, every curve in a sculpture, is intentional and essential to the final outcome. And so is their life. Everything has a purpose, and God works all things for good for those who love Him to accomplish His great plan.

Our goal is to prepare young people to go out and minister the gospel in the arts. Students will create murals on mission trips all over the world. We even are planning to take a group to the coming Olympics.

Francis Shaeffer said The Christian is the one whose imagination should soar beyond the stars.

Following are some ways these trained young people will use their art training:

  • Creating murals that are powerful and positive visual images. Charisma magazine, in an article called “ Christians Use Art to Calm Violence, Evangelize,” talks about how a Christian muralist went into a violent area of Chicago, and by creating a mural on the beauty of creation and the cross of Jesus was able to change the whole neighborhood. Drug houses closed and even gang members protected the area of the mural because they were invited to take part in the experience of creating something good in a place of profound evil. Read the article: in Charisma magazine online. Many homeless shelters and places of poverty in the inner city across America and the world cry out for the beauty and uplifting quality of art
  • Teach children Bible art lessons
  • Create paint parties with a gospel message.
  • Sit in churches and illustrate the sermons.
  • Allow students to have a Christian art gallery in the church where they can display their work.
  • Churches can set up a scholarship fund for young artists to allow them to improve their skills and explore options for career art opportunities.

In conclusion, art is a powerful tool.

About the Owners and Their Businesses:

Visual Manna was founded by the masterful artist Richard Jeffus, who also had the idea for this army of young artist called “His Lions.” Owner Sharon Jeffus graduated from John Brown University with a B. S. E. in art education and then continued in education at the University of Arkansas to get her English certification. She studied painting at Metropolitan in Denver and sculpting at Southern Illinois University. Sharon taught in public schools and wrote curriculum over 14 years and then began homeschooling and traveling with her husband doing art workshops across the country. She also directed art programs in Christian schools in Branson and Kansas City, MO. Sharon taught Intensive English at the University of Missouri. She wrote an Indian Arts and Crafts Program that was rated outstanding by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Sharon has written over 20 books on art education and recently had a book chosen to be used as a graduate level professional development course at Vanguard University. You can go HERE to Rainbow Resources to get our complimentary video lessons and HERE to purchase books and training materials. Sharon has done art workshops at Bass Pro, Audubon Society and a variety of venues across America. Visual Manna, her company, does murals for ministry and encouragement. You can contact her at

Linabelle Cruz Finnegan has a love of learning as evident in multiple graduate degrees she holds ranging from Master of Arts in Economics, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Ministry focusing on Health and Restoration, Masters in Natural Medicine, candidate for doctorate in Ministry, and doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine. She is working on her dissertation on Brain plasticity. She has written Bible studies and devotionals, and soon to publish a book on God and Neuroplasticity. She loves giving seminars and talks all over the country on Rewiring our Brain=Renewing our Mind, Trauma Healing, God and Neuroplasticity, Brain Health, etc. She is the co-founder of ABBA Helps with her husband, a non-profit ministry for aborted and trafficked children. She is the founder and owner of ABBA Wholeness Center whose mission is to be the Medic in the church spiritual battle: to give hope to each person’s health in body, soul, and spirit based on 1 Thessalonians 5:23. She is passionate in helping everyone accomplish their God’s ordained purpose of greatness to advance His Kingdom so that all may be saved!

BLAZE stands for:

Born for Greatness – To instill the truth that we are born for a
great purpose. God designed us for greatness for His Glory and His Kingdom!

Love – We are born to love as God loves, fully equipped in the power of His Holy Spirit, to obey the greatest commandment: to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love others as we love ourself. 3.

Amaze – We are born to amaze others with signs and wonders that will follow our faith in Jesus.

Zeal – We are born for zeal, with passion and deep intimacy with God

Excellence – We are born for excellence in pursuit of that which is pure
and holy befitting the sons and daughters of God, and heirs
of the Almighty One!

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