Chinese Art Tea Party

Education can be like a party. Here are a few pictures of our first Master artist tea party projects. It was a delightful time of painting parasols, panda bears, and doing Chinese brush painting during our Chinese Art Tea Party. Choose from one of twelve delightful party educational experiences. Each party is totally unique packed with learning fun! We have bible truths and different spiritual lessons to go with each tea party that can be shared at the end of the party. Cover your art for the year in a party format with friends.

This Fall’s Art Camps

We have two different Art mission/ mural camps in Kansas City, Missouri now scheduled for this fall.
First one will run from October 22nd through the 26th
The second one will run from December 10th through the 14th
Please contact us for more information:

Upcoming Online High School Art Lessons

We are offering two different sessions of online art classes at Junior High and High School level. Each session is made up of 6 weeks. First session starts September 24th, ending on October 29th. The second session starts November 5th, ending on December 10th. The lessons will be approximately 2 hours, either be 9am to 11am on Tuesday morning or 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Tuesday evening (central time). The first six weeks will be very foundational, starting with covering the elements and principles of art along with art history. We will learn techniques in media in the second part of every class. The second six weeks will include teaching instructions for the paint parties, while creating really nice personal and unique works of art. The goal will be helping the students get together a professional looking portfolio/body of work. You may pick either one of the sessions, or do both. I will have a list of supplies needed for online work. 

In supporting the online classes there are educational trips that the students may go on. The mission trips could include doing paintings at City Union Mission in Kansas City, or art ministry in St. Louis. In both cases we will go to their local art museum, or (for St. Louis trips) we may go to the Montauk State Park where we will study art and do something for the veterans. I also am praying about some trips abroad. I am going to Italy in February to scope out a mission trip there, and am also praying about Israel where there’s an opportunity to do some murals. The abroad ones are not definite as of now, and the dates on the other ones will be put up next week. All trips are optional, however coming to at least one would be preferred.


Here is more about me as a teacher: Last year I taught high school and AP art at a large Christian classical school in Kansas City, and developed a wonderful curriculum. Student will cover a half credit of high school art in each session, and will get one whole credit of high school art if both sessions are taken. It is my goal to develop graphic art skills and visual communication skills including photography and video training. I treat every student individually and they can work at their own pace. Students will be encouraged to be bold, be original and be excellent. If you want to see a sample power point or have any questions you may email or call me. Sharon Jeffus
phone- (573) 453-6364

New Six-Week Online Classes Available

I am very excited to be teaching these high school online classes this fall. They are separated into two parts. Students can take one, six-week class, or both. My hope is to mentor these talented young people in art so they can use their talent for the Lord with excellence. My goal is that each student would be able to have a great portfolio and body of work at the end of the class that they could use for free-lance art or college, etc… I have two AP classes I have been certified to teach as well. I will also be offering several one-week camps where students can learn how to do art in ministry for students taking this class. We will be developing murals for local homeless missions and ministries, and going to the fabulous Nelson Art Museum, right here in Kansas City. Families are always welcome. Online class would be from 9:00am until 11:00am central time. Classes will start on September 24, and be every Tuesday. The first hour of class we will be looking at power points and learning the elements and principles of art and art history. For the second part of the two-hour class I will be introducing two techniques in media, and students will be assigned two art projects that would be appropriate for their portfolio. Visual Manna slogan is “Be Bold, Be Original, Be Excellent.” Contact me for more information, Sharon Jeffus: 573-453-6364.

Online High School Art Classes

Do you want an advanced online high school or college online art class?
Visual Manna is offering a 6 week intensive online art class. Starting on September 24, 2019. Two of these sessions that will give cohesive art training and help students put together a portfolio of their best work. Learn how to use your talent with excellence with these online high school art lessons.

See some of the teacher’s previous lessons? Try these free online art lessons for your younger and junior high students/ kids!
Here is a free online lesson for little ones on flowers and butterflies; and here is a free lesson on painting flowers for older students on canvas

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Art Intensive/Murals for Ministry/August 11-14

Come and learn art basics with excellence! Learn graphics and design and how to create a mural in a local Kansas City mission so you can create your own murals! You can also schedule your own mural and we can come to you. Contact or for more information or call 573-851-9311

Learn More About What We Do

Click here to see our interview with The Old Schoolhouse about our Paint Parties and Art with a Message:
Feedback from a satisfied parent:
“Thank you for the quality classes that you provided for my daughter last summer.  She learned so much… not only in art technique, but ways to use art skill for the Kingdom.  The projects were just beautiful and I am sure a blessing for the men that visit.  :)”