Art Tip of the Day Number 3: Taking a Walk

Having an art day and going for a walk can be lots of fun. Whether you walk in the winter, summer, spring or fall, you can enjoy the path you take. We are going to look at some wonderful master works of art about people taking a walk in nature. We can talk about scale, color, and atmospheric perspective. The picture below is of country roads by M.M. Jacobi. The sky is somewhat darker at the top of the sky. The hills in the distance are lighter. Do you see that the light is coming from the right side of the sky? The road is a one point perspective.When you walk down a straight road, it looks a lot like it meets at a point in the distance. When you look at a railroad track in the distance, it looks like it meets at a point. Everything gets smaller in the distance. Enjoy this complimentary lesson on walking in art! Click HERE for the lesson.

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