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I was downtown yesterday and got an chance to go and see the many new murals artists created. I didn’t see any with a Christian message or that seemed to create peace and beauty. Murals/art has the power to change people. Here is an insert from Charisma magazine’s article about art changing a violent neighborhood;

The scarred intersection on Chicago’s north side was the battleground for a dozen rival street gangs… But in the space of a few weeks, the violence subsided and the trade from the drug houses disappeared. What brought about this startling transformation? Incredibly, a piece of art-a vivid mural depicting creation’s beauty, sin’s destructive power and Jesus’ love for all races.

Julian Lukins, CharismaNews (2008)

You can read the full article here:

Want to learn how you can use art for ministry? Join us for Art Mission Mural Camps. From December 10th to 14th in Kansas City and February 24th to 28th in 2020. Begins with 2 days of lessons and mural training, and finish with an opportunity to design and paint a mural for a local ministry. $175 per student for the week, supplies and ministry trips included. Can provide room and boarding for students if needed for a total fee of $500 per student. Contact us for more information.

Check out our gallery of murals our past students have done!

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