Art Intensive for High School Credit/Develop Your Passion and Gift

Homeschoolers, Homeschool Groups, and Christian Schools
We are doing a one week intensive in high school art training for credit. We will come to you, or you can come to one of our camps.   Visual Manna will send a master teacher and student teacher to cover art history, the elements and principles in art and training in techniques including how to do graphic art on the computer and also murals. The goal is that you can go back to your home and community prepared to be a leader in visual media. Just yesterday I had someone from a large homeschool support group looking for an art teacher and I was able to connect them with one of my students.  There is such a need for teachers and Christian artists.  Our slogan is Be Bold, Be Original, Be Excellent.  Go to and please contact me for a syllabus and more information.


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