Visual Manna is offering 2 exciting camps for the 2018 school year!

Art Camp and Family Fishing Fun 

Cost is $350, all supplies included and room and board. A $50.00 deposit reserves your space.  Facility is within walking distance of the beautiful Current River.  

April 18-22

June 11-15

July 23-27

October 24-28

Questions about Art and Fishing Camp

1. Where will I be staying? We have 2 cabins and a house you can stay in or you can choose to stay in cabins at Montauk State Park. We are .3 miles from the river and park.

2. What will art students be doing? Students in art camp will spend the time from 9:00 until 3:00 doing structured training in a variety of media including watercolor, acrylic painting on canvas, drawing, sculpting copic marker pictures, mixed media and graphic art. We will focus on students developing their own style. After camp students and parents can enjoy the activities the park has to offer. A guest master artist will give a presentation at every camp.

3. What is the cost? If students and families stay here it is $350 dollars for the week. If they stay locally or in the park, it is $150 for the week.

Kansas City Art Camp

Students will spend the week learning advanced art techniques, spending time at the Nelson and creating a mural for children at a homeless shelter here in KC. Cost is $150.00 for the week.  All supplies included. 

Questions about Kansas City Art Camp

1. Where will I be staying? Students living in KC can stay at home. Students spending the night will stay in a local camp facility with supervision.

2. What activities will be available? Students will be learning advanced techniques in media including watercolor, acrylic painting a mural, photography, sculpting, drawing, Copic marker art work, mixed media, and graphic art. We will also be spending two half days at the Nelson Art Museum studying the masters with our sketchbooks. One half day will be spent with a master artist learning techniques.

April 23-27 June 25-29 July 9-13 September 10-14 October 15-19

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