Come to a week of intensive art study in technique, elements and principles of art and art history.   We will do portfolio presentation and ministry by doing a mural at City Union Mission.   We will start at New Life City Church in Kansas City.  Contact me for more information.  


We will be focusing on the elements and principles of art and learning techniques in pencil, Copec markers, and pastels.  We will create 3 finished works of art.  Class will be from 9:00 to 3:00.  

Evenings we will have opportunities to see things in Kansas City related to art and architecture.


Tuesday: Tuesday we will have a day of painting.  We will do 2 canvas paintings and one original large painting.  We will also have a guest artist to talk about their work. 


Wednesday:  We will do sculpting today.  We will do wire sculpture.  We will also do paper mache.

We will leave for the Nelson Art Museum at 1:00 and eat at One of Kansas City’s most unique eating experiences, the Rozzelle Court Restaurant.   It is designed in the style of early 15th century architecture with columned arches and long cloistered walkways in two stories, patrons can enjoy an elegant meal surrounded by beautiful works of art. Rozzelle Court serves a buffet-style menu of main dishes, salads, soups, breads and desserts. We will look through the Nelson with sketchbooks in hand. 


Thursday: We will go to City Union Mission and create murals in a minstry area.  This is the mission part of the camp.  We will have been talking about coming up with original works of art, and each student will have an opportunity to contribute to a beautiful permanent mural that will be an encouragement to the children at the mission.  


Friday:  Friday morning we will finish the murals at City Union Mission and spend the afternoon finishing our work and creating an art show.  We will also do some computer art talking about Open Source programs Gimp, Blender, Inkscape and Scratch. 

Cost is $150.00 for the week.  All supplies are included.   

We also have a camp at Montauk State Park in Salem, MO.  Cost is $350.00 for the week for room and board and camp.    Some partial scholarships are available.  

Students can continue on for AP credit through Faith Christian Academy AP art.  Contact Sharon Jeffus at or call 573-453-6364 for more information.  


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