Here is a little something I wrote on force feeding Algebra and higher math to the creatively gifted student who is fighting you. It is just my opinion. To be successful you have to try to be the very best at what you do. That takes a lot of work and study. I was just in Alaska doing art workshops at the Alaska State Homeschool Convention and had the great privilege of meeting Deedee Jonroe, well known Iditarod musher. She has been in over 30 races and spoke on finding your passion and then being the best and working at it. Her story is very inspirational. Although I went to several colleges and have a degree, I never did anything but the bare minimum in math; having just enough to graduate. My gifting was in art and I do feel it is a gifting and anointing. I am over 60 now and the Lord has enabled me to make an amazing career of teaching and doing art. I do feel as though I am one of the best in the country at doing what I do. I hire someone to do the accounting of my business and have made a great life without Algebra. I am thankful my parents allowed me to do just that. I even skipped a grade in public school and still was able to take the bare minimum in math. I did however, study my field with vigor with the idea of excellence. Now my heart is to work with other students who are gifted and anointed in the visual arts. I even wrote a book Teaching Math through Art that just ties in the visual and kinesthetic art/math activities. But my opinion is to let these creatively gifted young people do the bare minimum in what is needed to graduate, but focus on becoming the best in their field. If God has given them a gifting in one of the arts, give them all the resources they need to be the very best in their field. Encourage their passion whatever that might be. Renaissance masters apprenticed as early as 14 to learn their craft. The results were spectacular. I am getting carried away…ha ha

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