New Art Competition 2021

We have an exciting new art competition for 2021! Please see the entrance and competition details.

Fall Art Lessons

Online Zoom classes for AP Studio Art and AP Studio Art 3D are offered in the fall.  The cost is $300 for the semester.  There are two zoom classes per week. Classes start on September 7th.

Contact me with questions. Email at

Group of students can Zoom Blaze Mural Training art class.   Contact me at

Cost is 100 dollars for five classes.  Must have 5 people to schedule a private class or look for our schedule. 

Look for our paint party classes and Blaze art camps in Blue Springs and Springfield here: Art and B.L.A.Z.E. – ABBA Wholeness Center

You can email me at with more questions.  

Email me about INTERNSHIPS and teaching positions.

Special Deal! Teachers, Parents, and Grandparents: Master Artist Tea Party

New Special! Teachers: Make your life easy! 25 power points and teaching instructions!

Letter to AP Art Students

Dear future AP art students,

Here is a note about our class so that you can start thinking about how to take advantage of such a special class in the months of summer! In AP Studio Art, or AP Art & Design, you can earn college credit by taking the exam at the end of the year like all other AP classes. However, the AP Studio Art exam is not a traditional test but students work all year to build a portfolio and their portfolio is sent digitally to readers at the College Board at the end of the year for grading. Your grade on your portfolio is your exam score. Your building a portfolio is important for your success as an artist for freelance work and also college entrance. I strongly recommend all students register for the AP Studio Art exam in the fall because everyone completes a portfolio as part of the class, you might as well submit your portfolio and potentially earn college credit and recognition for your hard work! There are three types of portfolios you can submit to the College Board: 3D, 2D, and Drawing. The 3D portfolio is what it sounds like and would include sculpting media. The 2D and Drawing portfolios are both flat (2D) but the drawing portfolio is about mark-making, shading, rendering form, etc., and is graded harder than the 2D Design portfolio. Every portfolio has two sections: sustained investigation and selected works. The sustained investigation is 15 images (not 15 finished works so for example, it might be 10 finished works of art, 3 sketchbook pages, and 2 process images) that are centered around a theme that you investigate through your art all year. One of the many reasons why this class is so amazing is because you get the opportunity to have dedicated time to make art about whatever you want. This summer, think about what you want to make art about . . . What are you interested in and passionate about? What would you love to do and walk away with? What are your strengths? What inspires you? What artists do you look up to? What would you be excited about doing? Building a unique and original body of work is your goal.

Contact me with any questions.

Lesson List

  1. Line Artists are Van Gogh and Dore
  2. Shape Artists are Cezanne and Mondrian
  3. Color Artists are Franz Marc and Matisse
  4. Texture    Artists are Albrecht Durer and Audubon
  5.  Value    Artists are Bierdstadt and Moran
  6. Center of Interest    Artists are Hopper and George Caleb Bingham
  7. Movement Artists are Winslow Homer and George Bellows
  8. Light     Artists are Tanner and Rembrandt 

To Whom it May Concern,

I had the pleasure of working under the guide of Sharon Jeffus with Visual Manna. Though an aspiring Artist, I knew little about the foundations and principles of art. Now I know not just definitions but the application of said skills. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable as well as optimistic in her teachings. She has personally guided me into being able to be proud of my art, as well as encourage my own creativity. Visual Manna is involved in many different ministry and schooling activities. The heart for using the beauty of art to inspire others and encourage the gospel is a worthwhile cause that God is using all around Kansas City. The Visual Manna Artist Tea Parties are wonderful educational parties to spark creativity, encouragement, and the Gospel in children. The projects are fun for even adults to finish. I love how family-orientated Visual Manna aims to be, and there are benefits and opportunities for people of all ages through their educational services. 

– Hannah Bond 2019 – 2020