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We offer different experiences for families, students, and persons interested in art as missions. We currently have our family camp scheduled for 2021 for May 24th-28th and June 21st-25th. Ask about our mission trips to Israel, Ireland, and Italy, coming soon!

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Art Prints By Richard Jeffus

The innovative artwork of Richard Jeffus marries a thoughtful evangelical perspective with conceptual illustration and surrealism.

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ARTS & BLAZE Offerings

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Schedule your own online Blaze Bible and art study and come on a mission trip with us. Details Below.

Bible Study Seminar happening on Thursday Nights: February 18th – March 18th 5:30 -8 pm

Conducted by Linabelle Finnegan and Sharon Jeffus

Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna (His Lions) is teaching the advanced art program with optional AP credit. The art part will be helping young people put together a digital portfolio of their best work.

Linabelle Finnegan is teaching on a Bible study called BLAZE. BLAZE stands for Born to be Great, to Love , to Amaze with Zeal for God and Excellence. Blaze is a very large or fiercely burning fire. This is what we will be for God, if we learn His truth ,if we believe it, and if we allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to live it! We will be a BLAZE for Christ.

As these young students are learning to create beauty through Art, they also will learn how God created beauty in them and through them. They will learn that God designed them to BLAZE and bring light and beauty around them. As they learn to paint a mural from conception to actualization, they will learn that they also were conceived with precision. Every stroke of a drawing, every color in the palette, every curve in a sculpture, is intentional and essential to the final outcome. And so is their life. Everything has a purpose, and God works all things for good for those who love Him to accomplish His great plan.

Bible Study Seminar Themes

FEB 18th, Day 1, BORN: On day one our art will be about the beauty of creation.  We will learn techniques in creating light out of darkness and create a beautiful  painting learning media techniques in positive/negative space and illustrating this Biblical concept visually.

FEB 25th, Day 2, TO LOVE: On this day we will learn how to put the word LOVE in a beautiful and artistic way and learn how to make letters 3D.  Individual creativity is encouraged. Color theory is discussed.

MAR 4th, Day 3, TO AMAZE:  On this day we will focus on the beautiful, amazing creation of mountains and meadows, and do a picture showing the beauty of the mountains and the colorful wildflowers with butterflies of the meadows.

MAR 11th, Day 4, FOR ZEAL:  On this day we will work on creating movement.  We will learn how to create wind and weather in a beautiful way, and talk about the movement of the Holy Spirit.

MAR 18th, Day 5, FOR EXCELLENCE:  We will learn how to do a powerful sunrise.  We will learn how to create clear silhouettes on a beautiful and colorful scenic background. Our last day will be taking the word BLAZE and coming up with an original mixed media composition that shows what BLAZE is all about.  Combining a lion with a rainbow, creating a Blaze of the Holy Spirit and other ideas will be discussed.  Originality will be encouraged.  We will also work on an idea for a mural as ministry.

Seminar includes:: Art Materials,  Alkaline Water and Healthy Snacks. ADVANCE REGISTRATION ONLY.

SINGLE SESSION FEES: $30  per session

ALL SESSIONS FEES: $125 per person

ZOOM SEMINAR TICKETS: $15 zoom fee each each session or $60 zoom fee paid in advance for all 5 sessions (includes certificate for 20% off for any Arts & BLAZE seminars or retreats for future use).


FEB 19th – 21st  ; $375 includes all materials for each of the 5 BLAZE sessions, materials for mural painting at the ranch, all meals , accommodation, and transportation. Transportation leaves from ABBA Wholeness on Friday, at 1pm, and back on Sunday, at 6pm. Two parents may come (sleep in same bed with child for $150). Sibling discount is 20%.


Opportunity One: COSTA RICA ON MARCH 24TH– 30TH. $695 for all ground costs (see details below). Excludes airfare which is typically around $400-$500 and will need to be self-purchased. All materials for the ministry included. Parents and Siblings are welcome to join the mission trip for the same price. This is in partnership with PRAYING PELICAN MISSIONS organization (

Opportunity Two: TOKYO JAPAN OLYMPIC TEAM ON JULY 20TH – 31ST. $1750 for all ground costs (see details below). Excludes airfare which is typically around $2600-$3000 and will need to be self-purchased. 10 days total, including flight days. ABBA Helps will join a host of teams across Japan serving local churches as they bring hope to the world while it gathers for the Games. For detailed information on this project, visit On arrival we gather together in Yokohama (south of Tokyo) for orientation and inspiration and then disperse in teams across Tokyo and wider Japan to serve alongside our partner churches or ministry. Our ABBA Helps team will work with local high school to paint a mural and do the BLAZE bible study, visit an orphanage, work with organizations against Human Trafficking (at night for teens & adults only), and the Oympic Festival.

Ground Costs For the Trips Include: Pre-project training, food and lodging, in country transportation (taxi/bus/train), mission funds management, administration, and insurance.

Join our 3rd Annual Visual Manna Art Competition! Now through April 15th, 2021.

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