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Enjoy our many complimentary video art lessons, Art Through the Year with Sharon Jeffus here. We hope you will enjoy them. They target older children for age range and will give you a good idea of what our curriculum looks like in practice. We hope you enjoy them!

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5 Replies to “Video Lessons”

  1. Lorie

    I am interested In learning to draw roosters and dogs like the cur Mountain dog. Please if you have anything to send to me to help me with that please send it to my email thank you very much, lorie

  2. Ericalyn Boling

    Hello, We are interested in going to, or attending eiher on line or in class room setting for art for our Eighth Grader as we home school this year!
    Any help or guidance as to where to go or what to attend would be of great help!

    Thank you!


    ~ Ericalyn Boling

  3. Molly

    Do you have a complete art course on DVD? We’d much prefer to WATCH art instruction as opposed to READING art instruction.

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