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  1. Sharon May 18th 2010

    The art through the core books covers all seven books including Teaching Science, History, American History, English, Astronomy, Social Studies and Math through Art. There are hundreds of activities kids will love! The book in that format is 75 dollars.

  2. Sharon Dec 22nd 2010

    Just a note to tell you I’m signing up students for classes starting January 10, 2011. I’m teaching locally and on the internet. You can email at for information, or call 1-573-453-6364. Lessons are only $5.00 each with the bad economy….

  3. Sharon Feb 2nd 2011

    Did you read Teaching Astronomy through Art Book 1? My second astronomy book isn’t on the website as yet, as I want it reviewed and edited to a greater degree first. Thanks so very much. S. Jeffus

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