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Go to our store and read all about our new Teaching Literature through Art book!  It is the best of the art through the core books, I believe!

Our other book is Spanish/English Art Basics for Children.  You can do beginning language skills along with art.  Great fun and check our store for more information!!!!

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Check out these free lessons!!!  Sign up for an Art Intensive with the Landry Academy!!!
Visual Manna Intern Program  2014
The purpose of this program is to train young artists to be excellent in their craft, with the purpose of sustaining a career in art.  These students are called by God to be artists and passionate about their gifting. 
The program will include three facets.
1.              Teacher training in the Visual Manna Teaching Method.  They will learn how to teach using art history and the elements and principles of art, and teaching media techniques so they are able to teach basic art classes to all ages.
2.              Instruction in painting murals.  Students will learn information important for communication in skills in the visual arts to utilize their talent to the maximum and benefit various ministries.
3.              Development of a portfolio and art show.  Students will develop a digital portfolio of their individual artwork and have an art show.  They can also earn up to 6 hours of AP credit in Drawing and Studio Art. 
Cost of the program is $2000 dollars for a one to two month internship.  Time will vary with student involvement.  Some of the course may be done online.
Contact me for more detailed information.

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Why Teach Art?

Art is very important!  It is visual communication. It develops fine motor skills, encourages creative thinking and originality and effects our everyday life in profound ways.  Understanding how visual communication influences nearly everything we do rests, I believe, in teaching students to have a good understanding of the elements and principles of art and how these are used in master art throughout the ages along with an understanding of a variety of techniques in media.  All of this can be taught if each lesson if approached holistically.  Visual Manna offers art training that includes portfolio development online in three one on one sessions.
We also offer a one month internship in advanced art and art camps.  Watch for my two day intensives I’m offering through the Landry Academy nationwide.  Go to and vmmclasses.comfor more information.  You can get all my newly redone books from Rainbow Resources:
Look for free video lessons soon at the Rainbow Resource Blog…..
Enjoy the lesson and enjoy art!

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All the elements and principles of art, art appreciation and techniques in a two day presentation.  Come back soon for more details!

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What to Do When a Child is Gifted in Art

I know this article will be very helpful.    final artarticle

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How to Survive the Coming Depression Saving Money with Art

How to Survive the Coming Depression

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Saving Money on Art Activities Lesson 1

Saving Money on Art Activities

Go to our STORE and for just $1.00 you can get all the directions and pictures to go with this lesson.   There are going to be 10 Lessons each containing 6 awesome ideas for using things around the house and throw away items, to create excellent works of art.  You could even create your own family business!  You can purchase the second Saving Money on Art Activities for only $2.00.     These are the two for August.  There will be 2 of these every month.  You can even order Lesson 2 with 6 more exciting ideas, such as a cardboard boomerang that really works, a paper mache cat lamp base, a toilet paper telescope and much more! Just click on STORE on the top of the page at the Art Basics for Children book and go to Saving Money on Art Activities Lesson 1.

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Come to an Art Retreat!  (You can have a private art retreat.  Contact us for prices.  Montauk is going to have an Ireland and Scotland theme in decor).

September 27, 28, 29 we will have a wonderful art retreat at Montauk
State Park.   Families can stay at
the park and students can come for only $30.00 per day or $75 for
those wanting to spend the night at the house.  I even have a big
canoe families can use.  These workshops are limited in size so a $50
dollar deposit is required.  Each student will complete a 4 foot by 4
foot painting.  Contact me for more information.

October 18, 19, 20 we will be having a lovely retreat here at Montauk.
 The theme will be the outdoors and old cars.  We will have some
astronomy thrown in. Down the road we have a place called Bo’s Hollow
where you can drive the old Model T’s and Model A’s.  We will do
nostalgia art.  Students will come home with the same 4 foot by 4 foot
painting.  Cost will be the same as above.  A 50 dollar deposit
reserves your place.
November 15, 16, 17
Come to Montauk for an Irish/Scottish weekend.   We will be having
Irish dishes and all our art will be focused around Ireland, Scotland
and England.  It will be history and art mixed, along with cuisine.
Cost is the same, with an extra stipend for the cook.  Don’t miss this
one.  Students will still do a large 4’by4’ picture.  We will also do

If you are interested in a trip to Europe, let me know.  We can go as
a group.  God bless and you can pay through paypal at, or send a check to the Sharon Jeffus 700 County Road 6630, Salem, MO . Hope to see you there.!


“As a convention coordinator, we hired Sharon/Visual Manna to provide
art classes to the attending children at the convention. Sharon and
her team were amazing! They managed to captivate (for several hours)
and teach 50 children of different ages. Each child came away from the
convention with 4 or 5 beautiful art projects and a wealth of
knowledge…as well as great memories of a fun educational experience.
 I highly recommend Sharon and the Visual Manna team!”

– Susan Kemmerer


“Sharon Jeffus has a passion for teaching art to children. Her books
show parents of visual and kinesthetic learners how to use art to make
learning core basics fun. Her ministry of teaching students to do
murals in missions and places that need light is a way to use art to
glorify God and uplift the human spirit. — Laurie Bluedorn


“A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as
tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. An art
work can be a doxology in itself.”

– Francis A. Schaeffer, Art and the Bible”


“I have known Sharon for 15 years and have always seen her as a person
who is exciting and full of life when it comes to talking about her
passion…ART! She has created some wonderful products and continues
to bring out enthusiasm in her students through the things she does
and the way she teaches.”  — Vivian Doublestein


“Sharon has a heart for art and passing her skill on to the next
generation; she has faithfully served in that capacity for years in
spite of personal difficulties and is drawing art talent out of
thousands of children and youth.” — Joyce Herzog


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What is a good art teacher?

By Sharon Jeffus Copyright 2012

1. A good art teacher wants you to learn something new about art and have fun doing it.  This includes the elements and principles of art, techniques (how tos), and art appreciation.

2. A good art teacher makes you feel comfortable and encouraged practicing self-expression.

3. A good art teacher wants you to explore your hidden talents while gaining a new appreciation of art and the role it plays in the world around you and how it relates to the core subjects.

4. A good art teacher strives to have students that produce work in each class that is unique.  They want you to be able to think for yourself and make decisions and put a work of art together that belongs to you the student.  A good art teacher does not want you to be afraid of failure, but have the tenacity of an inventor.  It is ok to fail, the next attempt may be spectacular.  In other academic core classes, there is usually only one right answer.  But in art the ability to think for yourself can not only prepare you for success in your other classes, but in your future life. 


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Teaching Math, History, Science, Astronomy, English and Social Studies through Art SPECIAL

Special price on our art through the core package.  You get 7 books in all in an ebook format for only $35.00.  Order now online as this price is only good for a short period of time.  You can read detailed descriptions of all the books in our catalog.  This is geared to your visual and kinesthetic learners with hours of fun hands on activities to help kids, be creative and think out of the box.

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